Mapped sphere 球天贴hdr的方式

Mapped sphere 球天贴hdr的方式

For the most control it is best to map the HDR image onto the inside of a large flipped sphere that surrounds your scene. Create a sphere that surrounds your scene, next add a Normal modifier and check the Flip Normals option.

很多时候用球天来控制hdr贴图是个好办法。 创建球天的方法:建立一个大的sphere 来包裹注你的场景,给它一个法线修改,让贴图在球的内部显示出来。

Lastly add a UVW map modifier and choose the correct mapping type (see above).
增加一个uvw map修改,选择正确的贴图形式。

From fR-Properties make sure that the sphere is Sending GI, you can turn off send/receive shadows and also receive GI/Caustics as these are not needed.

从右键Object Properties属性面板(新版fr已经把fr-properties集成到了max的propties面板内部),设置球体发射光子,也可以关闭或者打开阴影生成,打开或者关闭焦散生成(如果不需要焦散效果)。

Next create an fR-Advanced material and apply the HDRI to the self-illumination slot. Apply this material to your sphere. By using an fR-Advanced material – you can tweak the Send GI multiplier as well as the HDR exposure amount.
最后创建一个 fR-Adanced 材质,把hdri(hdr图片)放置到自发光栏。将此材质赋予球天。通过控制材质,来掌控GI的发射和hdr的曝光度。

Note: Depending on the relative scales of the sphere to your scene you may need to use local GI settings on the sphere to avoid artefacts, do this from the fR-Properties menu if necessary.

Once set-up I usually freeze the sphere and forget about it.
Pros: Full control of how much light is emitted. Full control over map rotation/placement. Full control over visibility to camera, reflections, refractions, etc.


Cons: Additional geometry to deal with. Possible need to use local GI properties.

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