finalShaders Release 2.0 for 3dsmax9 32/64 下载 download

finalShaders Release 2.0 for 3dsmax9 32/64 下载 download



finalShaders, an Add-On for finalrender Stage-1, is the latest development from cebas Computer. finalShaders contains 14 advanced, easy-to-use, and “ready to render” materials.
One of the main goals of finalShaders is to provide user efficiency when creating even the most complex material effects. What’s more is that these are not simple, “canned material” effects with only a few options. They are fully customizable, flexible material types that will give you the ability to quickly get the specific looks you want. From alien and human skin, to waxy candles, from beautifully deep, flecked car paints to oily thin-film effects are all just a few mouse-clicks away.
The material types themselves range from simple materials, such as X-Ray, to complex, multi-level materials like the Elevation material. Elevation lets you texture an entire landscape with one single material that includes the blending between the various height layers. Check out the next few pages and learn what great materials and effects finalShaders has to offer.

finalShaders是 finalrender Stage-1的一个附加程序,提供了14种预设的fr高级材质,它们包括轿车漆、X射线、半透明、CD、天鹅绒、线框、多层材质等常用材质。

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